Monochrome to color in Hue


Sometimes, the simplest things in life can be the most frustrating. Thankfully, Hue allows you to restart each level when you die rather than playing from a checkpoint very far behind.

A friend of mine told me about this adventure puzzle platform game based on a simple idea of avoiding obstacles by selecting colors that match the obstacles. Simple, right?

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Ori and The Blind Forest


Definitely one of the best games in my opinion, Ori and the Blind Forest is a single-player, platform-adventure game. The game has you assuming the role of Ori, a white guardian spirit, whose mission is to restore the forest of Nibel. 

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“What do you want to be when you grow up?”


“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

This is a question almost all of us have been asked at least once when we were young. And our obvious answer to it would be the usual ‘Policeman’, ‘Firefighter’, ‘Pilot’, ‘Engineer’, ‘Doctor’, etc. or whatever caught our fancy in that evening’s cartoon.

Irrespective of what our simple minds cooked up at the time, we would eventually be guided on to a career path that our parents think would do us the most good. Very few have the liberty to decide what they want to do before it’s too late. Speaking for all the parents out there who do this,

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