Monochrome to color in Hue


Sometimes, the simplest things in life can be the most frustrating. Thankfully, Hue allows you to restart each level when you die rather than playing from a checkpoint very far behind.

A friend of mine told me about this adventure puzzle platform game based on a simple idea of avoiding obstacles by selecting colors that match the obstacles. Simple, right?


I have spent hours ripping the hair off my head trying to figure out how to avoid the lasers while making sure I don’t fall down.

Hue has a very minimalist approach to visual with just the bare-minimum details to distinguish objects in the game. The animations are very basic and the game play is supposed to be pretty much straightforward. Or so I thought when I started the game.

Hue is a game about a little boy named Hue (Is the game named after him or vice versa?) who wakes up to the monochrome sunlight coming in through his bedroom window to find a letter from his mother. The letter explains how she had been working on a device that could give people access to colors in their monochrome world and how she tried destroying the device when she realized how dangerous such power could be and in the process, got herself stuck in one of the color planes. By the game logic, she had rendered herself invisible to people in the monochrome world and now it was up to Hue to find the shattered pieces of the device and find his mother.

The game has you start in the monochrome world and traverse the huge map in order to collect the multiple pieces of the device, which happen to be color blocks. Every time you pick up a new color block, you can use it to change your environment color to the selected one using a typical circular color picker.


There are multiple types of traps and obstacles in the game. How to avoid or overcome them? Simple. If there is a green boulder rolling towards you, simply change the world to the same color, in this case, green, using the color selector wheel. In effect, what this does is to change the surrounding to the same color as that of the boulder thus rendering it invisible, or in better terms, indistinguishable from the surroundings.

Simple logic. But try doing this at a much faster pace. Try switching colors to avoid obstacles every one second or switching them in mid-air while jumping between platforms.


You can use boxes to reach high places or to hold down switches. But switching the color to the same as that of the box in order to maybe avoid a laser mid-air while jumping to a platform will make the box disappear thus deactivating the switch that had opened a door blocking the platform to which you are trying to jump to. See? The explanation sentence is itself confusing.

This games truly gets more frustrating as you pick up more colors and especially when some are near-identical and difficult to distinguish when trying to make split-second decisions.

And these are the reasons why I love this game so much. The fact is that they took such a simple idea and made something amazing of it. I personally am a huge fan of puzzle games and this game had me scratching my head quite a few times trying to solve the puzzles. I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone, especially those who love puzzle games.

Well, at least the frustrations are accompanied by the amazing in-game soundtracks. There are silver linings after all.


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