Ori and The Blind Forest


Definitely one of the best games in my opinion, Ori and the Blind Forest is a single-player, platform-adventure game. The game has you assuming the role of Ori, a white guardian spirit, whose mission is to restore the forest of Nibel. 

The game has been developed using the Unity Engine, which itself makes this game stand out. The level of detailing in the environment is mesmerizing. One of best components of this game is its soundtrack. All this combined with the game-play that has you stuck to the keyboard or controller for hours at a stretch makes it truly worthwhile. Throughout the game, you can find Ori jumping between platforms, solving puzzles, collecting energy cells and ability points. Ability points can be used to upgrade Ori’s abilities (duh!) such as hitting multiple targets at once, breath capacity to swim underwater, triple jumps, etc. The game does not follow the traditional check point system that you see in games usually. Thankfully, you can use the energy cells you collect to create your own save points (soul links) whenever you want as long as you have enough energy cells and that you are not near any enemies. The game map is huge enough to consume multiple hours of your time. It is divided into sections and each section is unlocked in the map only when you actually walk into the section in the game. And that happens usually by traversing the complete length of the previous section. Once unlocked, you have various teleportation sites in each section that allows you to fast travel between each section.


The game is available on Steam and can be played using your regular mouse-and-keyboard setup or a controller. Definitely a must-try for those who love platformer-puzzle games.


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